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White Fillings in Clifton, Bristol and Gloucester

White fillings are sometimes referred to as composite resin. These fillings are used to fill cavities in your teeth, halting the process of tooth decay and protecting your teeth from further damage.

Tooth-coloured composite resin dental fillings are an ideal choice for filling damaged teeth because they blend well with your natural tooth colour, creating a more pleasing aesthetic than amalgam fillings. White fillings are durable and can last 7-10 years with proper oral hygiene and care.

The biggest benefit of white fillings is that they bond directly to your tooth, which allows your dentist to save more of the tooth structure during drilling than they might be able to with silver fillings. Composite fillings can also be used for filling cracks or cavities in the sides of your teeth as well at the tops, and the bonding action strengthens weakened teeth. Because the composite resin is applied in layers and hardened with a special light after each layer, your tooth’s integrity is restored.

If you are suffering from persistent toothaches or suspect decay, it’s critical to book an appointment with Dr Steven Neal for white fillings as soon as possible to preserve the look and functionality of the tooth.


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