Dr Steven Neal – Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Steven Neal

Cosmetic Dentist

I’m Dr Steven Neal, a Platinum level Invisalign clear braces provider based in Bristol and Gloucester, interested in Cosmetic dentistry.

I qualified in 2006 at Kings College London, and have worked in the Bristol region since then. A Platinum level Invisalign provider,  I commit  to providing the highest quality dental care and creating positive dental experiences for my patients. I devote myself to postgraduate training and studies so that I can be at the forefront of dental techniques and patient care.


Digital dentistry is a major passion of mine, and with new technology, we can create a digital simulation of your new smile in seconds.

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Dr Steven Neal – Cosmetic Dentist

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    latest news

    • Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic that is changing the world at present, I am unable to see patients face to face. I still want to be available for my existing and all potential new patients, What I am able to do, and has been working well is offering Zoom online consultations. ...

    • Lost a crown If a crown has come off it may be possible to re-cement at home if you feel confident. Clean your crown and tooth. Try to gently remove any cement that remains inside the fitting surface of your crown. Check that the cleaned......

    • Every time we use our dental drill or our water spray, we can create a water aerosol.  It has been shown that Coronavirus can live in an aerosol for 2 ½ hours. This, coupled with the fact that many people can carry the virus without......


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