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Dental Emergenices during Coronavirus

Lost a crown

If a crown has come off it may be possible to re-cement at home if you feel confident.

  1. Clean your crown and tooth. Try to gently remove any cement that remains inside the fitting surface of your crown.
  2. Check that the cleaned crown fits over the tooth and is comfortable in your bite.
  3. If you feel confident that the crown seats correctly, then you may be able to recement using a temporary cement such as Recapit or Toofpegs. These can be purchased at a chemist. Following the instructions on the packet, apply the cement to the inside surface of the crown and gently bite into position.
  4. Remove any excess cement with an interdental brush and floss between the teeth.


Broken a tooth or filling

Normally a back tooth around a large filling or the filling can come out, or if it’s a front tooth through trauma or wear. If its in the outer white enamel part of tooth it is unlikely to be too sensitive but may have a sharp edge which can be gently polished with a nail file.

If its in the yellower dentine it can sometimes be sensitive – try to keep it clean and apply desensitising toothpaste to the surface. Food may get caught in this area – in which case be thorough with your interdental cleaning in this area.

You can purchase over the counter filling materials for chemists which can be used to temporarily repair your teeth. As long as you keep it clean and use desensitising pastes, in the short term no long-term damage should be done to the tooth.



Most common cause is when the nerve side the tooth becomes inflamed. If there is no swelling around the base of the tooth, then antibiotics are of little value.

The best pain relief is ibuprofen taken alongside paracetamol. Never exceed the maximum daily dosage. Initially there was a concern that ibuprofen can make the Covid-19 virus worse, but recent reports suggest that this is no longer the case.

Anecdotally, rinsing with ice water can help alleviate the symptoms of severe throbbing tooth ache. The pain is normally self-limiting after 3-5 days, and the painkillers will help to reduce this.
If you do start to notice swellings around the base of the tooth, then contact your dentist who may be able to remotely prescribe appropriate antibiotics.


Wisdom tooth

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not come fully through and the gum around can become irritated. If that is the case, it is important to keep this area as clean as possible, paying particular attention to cleaning around the gum. Mouthwashes such as Peroxyl or even warm salty water will ease the inflammation in this area. If you do notice swellings in this area, or difficulty opening fully or swallowing then contact your dentist as soon as possible as you may need a course of antibiotics.

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