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Why can’t we provide dental treatment now?

Every time we use our dental drill or our water spray, we can create a water aerosol.  It has been shown that Coronavirus can live in an aerosol for 2 ½ hours. This, coupled with the fact that many people can carry the virus without knowing, means that it is likely that the surgery and air in the surgery is contaminated.

This means that anyone who enters the surgery is at risk of contracting the virus. Continuing these procedures can put our patients, our staff and ourselves at risk.

Because of this, the Chief Dental Officer for England has advised against any procedure that can generate an aerosol. This coupled with government advice with social distancing and to limit non-essential travel means that we are closed to face to face appointments.

At present we are available at the end of the phone for advice. NHS England are also setting up Urgent Dental Care hubs fully equipped to deal with the contagion.

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